Text Links

Utilizing Textual Links (AKA: Do-Follow Text Links) to built quality, legitimate, traffic is an important SEO Marketing technique used by Internet Marketers for more than a decade. Multimedia Advertising Services Inc. can help you place and/or run text links to increase your website’s presence and ranking.

Text Ads should quickly convey your message by identifying both your website and the primary reason for visiting it.

Ask us about TEXTUAL ADS and if they may be a good choice for your business. Reach us by completing the contact form or calling 1-603-444-6750.

Text Ads Rates are generally placed for a minimum of SIX months to 12 Months. Text Ad Rates are as low as $60 for six months depending on what page your text ad is placed. All TEXT ADS must be approved by Multimedia. Misleading text ads, or ads promoting violence, hate, or illegal products or services will not be approved. Main Page text ads are $150 / year per site.

Text Ads are available on the following websites.

Text ads can be a very effective way to increase your visitors’ and your website’s ranking. Contact us for more information.

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