Major social media influencers have extensive experience and knowledge about building followers, and there are several key insights they possess that many people and businesses may not be aware of. Here are some of those insights:

  • Authenticity and personal connection: Influencers understand the importance of being genuine and relatable to their audience.
  • They know that building a personal connection with their followers is crucial for long-term engagement and loyalty.
  • They often share personal stories, experiences, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into their lives to create a sense of authenticity.
  • Consistency and frequency: Influencers recognize the significance of consistent content creation and maintaining a regular posting schedule.
  • They understand that staying active and engaged on social media helps to build momentum, reach more people, and retain followers. Consistency in terms of quality, tone, and style is also vital for developing a recognizable brand.

Engagement and community building: Influencers actively engage with their followers, responding to comments, messages, and mentions. They understand the value of building a community around their content, fostering conversations, and making their audience feel heard and appreciated. By creating an inclusive and interactive environment, they encourage their followers to stay engaged and share their content with others.

Utilizing multiple platforms: Successful influencers know that diversifying their presence across different social media platforms can help them reach a wider audience. They adapt their content strategy to suit each platform’s unique characteristics and audience preferences. By leveraging the strengths of various platforms, they maximize their visibility and follower growth.

Collaboration and cross-promotion: Influencers recognize the power of collaborations with other influencers and brands. By partnering with like-minded individuals, they can tap into each other’s audiences, introducing themselves to new followers who share similar interests. Cross-promotion through shout-outs, guest appearances, or joint content creation can significantly boost follower growth.

Utilizing data and analytics: Influencers closely monitor their social media metrics and leverage analytics tools to gain insights into their audience’s preferences and behavior. They use this data to optimize their content strategy, identify successful trends, and make data-driven decisions to enhance their follower growth. Understanding which types of content resonate with their audience helps them create more compelling and engaging posts.

Continuous learning and adaptation: Influencers constantly stay up to date with the latest social media trends, algorithm changes, and emerging platforms. They invest time in learning about new features, tools, and strategies that can help them reach and engage their followers more effectively. By staying adaptable and willing to evolve, they can maintain their relevance and continue building their follower base.

Reaching out to collaborate with similar marketers will help you grow new followers and expand your reach.


Social media influencers rely on various tools and platforms to manage and enhance their social media presence. Here are some of the best tools commonly used by influencers:

Content creation and editing: Tools like Adobe Creative Cloud (including Photoshop and Lightroom), Canva, and VSCO are popular for creating and editing visual content, including images and videos.

Scheduling and automation: Platforms such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Later allow influencers to schedule their posts in advance, ensuring consistent and timely content delivery. These tools also offer analytics features to track performance.

Analytics and insights: Influencers often utilize analytics tools provided by social media platforms themselves, such as Instagram Insights, Twitter Analytics, and YouTube Analytics. Additionally, third-party tools like Iconosquare, Socialbakers, and Sprout Social offer more comprehensive analytics and insights across multiple platforms.

Influencer marketing platforms: Influencers often collaborate with brands for sponsored content. Platforms like, Upfluence, and AspireIQ help connect influencers with brands and facilitate collaborations.

Engagement and management: Tools like Sprout Social, Agorapulse, and SocialPilot help influencers manage and monitor their social media accounts, including tracking comments, messages, and mentions. These tools streamline the process of engaging with their audience effectively.

Regarding the most popular social media channels, it can vary depending on the target audience and the type of content being shared. Top social media platforms were among the most popular:

Instagram: Known for visual content, Instagram attracts influencers in various niches such as fashion, beauty, travel, fitness, and lifestyle.

YouTube: A video-centric platform, YouTube is popular among influencers who create vlogs, tutorials, reviews, and other video content.

TikTok: With its short-form videos and a highly engaged user base, TikTok has gained some popularity among influencers, especially in the entertainment and creative niches. Note: The Chinese government has access to all TikTok data

Twitter: Known for its real-time updates and conversational nature, Twitter is favored by influencers who specialize in news, commentary, and thought leadership.

Facebook: Although its popularity has somewhat declined among younger demographics, Facebook remains relevant for influencers who target an older audience, local businesses, or specific interest groups.

It’s worth noting that social media trends are constantly evolving, and the popularity of platforms changes over time. It’s essential for social media influencers to adapt to these shifts and explore emerging platforms to stay relevant and engage with their followers effectively.

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